R&d and Manufacturing

R & D strength


RGBEST strengthens its platform around technological innovation, and continuously increases its R&D investment to strengthen its own technological innovation capabilities. The R&D personnel of RGBEST come from different disciplines, including material physics, organic chemistry, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, circuit control, nanotechnology, optics, heat dissipation research, etc. In recent years, more than 20 scientific research projects have been actively carried out in the fields of intelligent lighting, large-size LED-TV backlight, ceramic LED packaging technology, and deep ultraviolet product application. The "LAMP LED", "SMD LED", "POWER LED", "COB LED", "LED module" and other products produced by the company are all evaluated as high-tech products by customers.

R & D strength

Patent achievements

As of December 31, 2020, RGBEST has obtained 6 authorized national patents and 15 patents under application, mainly invention patents and utility model patents. Most of the company's patents have been industrialized, and a product structure system with advanced technology, reasonable product structure and reliable quality has been formed, which effectively improves product quality and market competitiveness.

R & D strength

standard setting

RGBEST is a non-member unit of the China Semiconductor Lighting Technical Standards Working Group and actively participates in the formulation and revision of relevant standards. A technical strategy standardization department has been established within the enterprise, actively establishing enterprise standards, compiling and promulgating a number of product standards for the enterprise, setting up enterprise standard supervisors, and promoting the development of enterprise standardization. The company participated in the revision of three standards, "Code for Design of LED Lighting for Metro", "Technical Specification for Application of LED Light for Metro" and "Non-self-ballasted LED Tube Light", and also participated in the formulation and revision of 12 other industry standards.


After decades of efforts,RGBEST has obtained a number of patents at home and abroad!

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Science Laboratory

RGBEST international laboratory is applying for CNAS accreditation, based on providing customers with one-stop quality solutions, international leading testing technology and laboratory testing equipment; In addition, RGBEST is also applying for the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, which can help enterprises meet the requirements of international standards in the LM-80 test project of LED package/array/module products and the measurement project of LEDs.


Reliability test




Integrating sphere

Aging test


RGBEST has the world's leading standardized factory buildings and production equipment, as well as first-class management talents and advanced process research and development team!

Quality system certification

RGBEST always adhere to quality first, has been awarded a number of international standard certification certificate!

ISO 18000 Occupational health and safety

ISO 17025 Information security

ISO 9001 Quality management certification

ISO 13485 Medical certification

ISO 14001 Environmental management certification

ISO 16949 Automotive industry certification