2021 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

In recent years, affected by extreme weather, heavy rain natural disasters often occur suddenly, July Taiwan region into the typhoon season, in order to prepare for disaster prevention and relief in advance, yesterday (15), Taiwan institute of Industry and Research announced the launch of "portable UVC LED flowing water module."

The module adopts the UVC instead of traditional mercury lamp LED deep uv light disinfection sterilization, designed to carry light shape, convenient to the disaster area to use, every day can provide 400 litres of water purification, facilitate remote township suburbs or power shortage areas use, effectively solve the storm after the common source of water pollution, clean drinking water to the disaster area, sufficient preparation for the typhoon season in advance.

Engineering institute of Taiwan pointed out that engineering institute is committed to solve the problem of vulnerable groups norm of water safety, applying engineering institute development expertise, combined with the relief for many years of actual combat experience, fully understand the using demand and questions of the first line, let the public needed for science and technology can be more close to the disaster relief, facilitate remote township suburbs or shortage of power area still can quickly supply water public security.

Lu Jianjun, a senior engineer at THE Institute of Electronics and Opto-electronic Systems, pointed out that the portable UVC LED flowing water module technology has also cooperated with water purification related industry manufacturers.

Lu jian said the research team also further thinking, in addition to assist industry, whether the technology can also use on relief commonweal, so under the cooperation with charitable foundation, creating the net can be back on the shoulder of the blue bucket, it is light in weight, after a full charge can provide about 100 people a day, 4 litres of water per person, water stored up to 20 liters, And can be charged by solar energy, quite environmental protection, at the same time to ultraviolet LED sterilization, escherichia coli sterilization rate up to 99.9%.

Yan Bowen, chief executive of the Charity Foundation, said that the portable UVC LED mobile water module has high flexibility and can be carried into the disaster area to provide water with a shoulder, which is conducive to disaster relief in the power shortage and rugged terrain. This technology has been tested in Taiwan, and will be introduced into the global field trial operation mode in the future, so that everyone can drink clean drinking water.

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